Creating Last Mile Requests

This guide walks you through creating last mile requests. After a request is successfully created, emails and SMS messages will be sent to the dispatcher and driver to capture shipment progress and driver GPS.


JUSDA uses API keys for authentication. At this time API keys are assigned by JUSDA's Technology Team. To obtain a key, contact your JUSDA Sales representative.

Once you have an API key, to authenticate, it will be necessary to pass the key in the HTTP header of each call you make. For the header key pass x-api-key. Pass your key as the value. For example: x-api-key=34A81032-979E-4EFC-9A6F-87E2973F3E20

If there is any problem authenticating your key, the API will respond with an HTTP 401 code.

API Endpoint

The URL for JUSDA Last Mile Request APIs is:

Use an HTTP POST with the approprate payload as described below.

Post Last Mile Request Payload

Craft a JSON payload as shown below. Note that this endpoint expects an array of one or more bookings to be provided. Key properties of the payload:

  • referenceNo: (required) The reference number provided to the driver to identify the shipment
  • referenceType: (required) LOAD or CONTAINER
  • senderEmailAddress: (required) The email address of the owner of this request. Will receive email alerts when the driver updates status.
  • dispatcherEmailAddress: (optional) Additional email address for a dispatcher. Will receive an load tracking confirmation which can be forwarded to drivers.
  • driverName: (optional)
  • driverMobileTelNo: (required) Mobile number number of the driver. Only include numbers like this: 13102872897
  • requestUpdateFrequency: (required) Number of minutes between SMS reminders. Available options: 240, 720, or 1440.

Sample Request

                "referenceNo": "Jan20Test2",
                "referenceType": "Load",
                "senderEmailAddress" : "",
                "dispatcherEmailAddress" : "",
                "driverName" : "Bill White",
                "driverMobileTelNo": "13107810084",
                "requestUpdateFrequencyMinutes": 240

Post Last Mile Response Payload

The response payload confirms request information and provides a uniqueId for tracking.

Sample Response

                "lastMileRequestId": "d0634478-20e9-4269-3699-08d8bd9cb61c",
                "referenceNo": "Jan20Test2",
                "referenceType": "LOAD",
                "driverMobileTelNo": "13107810084",
                "driverName": "Bill White",
                "dispatcherEmailAddress": "",
                "senderEmailAddress": "",
                "requestUpdateFrequencyMinutes": 240,
                "useVoice": false,
                "uniqueId": "crDqewMFl6S",
                "notificationSent": false,
                "dispatcherEmailSent": false,
                "lastMileRequestUpdates": null,
                "lastMileRequestSmsHistories": null,
                "createDate": "2021-01-20T23:39:51.1659874Z",
                "timeZoneOffset": null,
                "latitude": null,
                "longitude": null

API Documentation

For more details about the Last Mile API endpoint, see JUSDA's API Documentation.